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When To Replace Your A/C

By PSAAdmin /

Repair vs. replace is a conversation we have with many of our customers.  We don’t do this to up-sell or to just sell an air conditioner to raise the average ticket either.  It is very common for air conditioners, heater, heat pumps and package units to begin experiencing mechanical breakdown after about 10 years.  Systems often can last longer with proper maintenance, such as air filters changed every month, annual preventative maintenance checkups (tune-ups), keeping you indoor and outdoor coils cleaned and making sure air flow is not disturbed in any way.   Believe it or not, airflow obstruction is one of the top reasons a/c systems break down prematurely.

When we are called out to our customer’s home to diagnose and fix an air conditioner blowing hot air instead of cold, not working at all or just running for a long time and not being able to bring the home temperature down to what the thermostat (climate control system) we look at all aspects of the HVAC system.  We look at the system age, we look at seeing if the system was properly installed, if the system is the correct size for the house (ton) and also look at the seer rating.  The higher the seer, the more energy efficient the system will be… causing lower utility bills.  As with anything, the high end products cost more.  Most everyone wants the highest energy efficient A/C in their home, but the price tag for some of those systems just doesn’t make sense for everyone.

For example:  We had a client who had a 15 year old system that had a blower motor, capacitor and compressor fail; that repair ticket wasn’t pretty.  This is an example where we discuss replacing options vs. just repair; now if the customer just wants the repair, there is never a rebuttal or pushy sales displayed.  We merely want to educate all of our customers.  In this example the repair was over a thousand dollars.  We explained the savings in utility bills, the probability of another mechanical breakdown occurring simply because of age and the option of taking the repair money and just putting it towards a new system with a parts and labor warranty for 10 years with only a $75 labor deductible if anything did happen, no more worries of unexpected A/C repair bills.  This customer decided replacement over repair.  Upon going over the different seer rating systems, this customer wanted a 25 seer system because it was the highest energy efficient system.  Pro Solutions Air at that time went over the utility bill savings during cooling months, which was about 40%; that sounds great, but the system has a high price tag.  Pro Solutions Air is not all about making a dollar; we care about our customers and their best interest.  The question was asked to the customer “How long do you plan on staying in the house”‘.  The customer said “probably about 2-3 years.  We then explained they would probably not see the return on their investment on utility bill savings in that time, and suggested a 16 seer.  The customer agreed and the install happened– that customer actually moved 12 months later and called to thank us for asking the right questions.


So we share this story with you to let you get to know us a bit more, and also to provide more education on the topic of repair vs. replacing a/c unit.  We have two locations; our main office is based out of Surprise, AZ and our other location is in Tempe, AZ.  We service all types of air conditioners on homes, mobile homes and anything else you have climate controlled.  You can trust Pro Solutions Air to always do the right thing in the customer’s interest.  We understand you are experts in what you do, and not in air conditioning; we believe we have a fiduciary duty to everyone we come in contact to to educate and provide the best options specific to them.

Pro Solutions Air is fully licensed, insured and bonded.  We are a family company owned by Tyra and Don Wade with under 20 employees.  When you do business with Pro Solutions Air, you become part of the Pro Solutions Air family.  Every customer is looked at by both owners before and after every job, as well as a follow up call can be expected by one of the office staff.  Customers are our focus, and quality is only what we deliver.

Pro Solutions Air; never a problem, just a solution!

Author ©Tyra Wade

Date: 05/06/2017

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