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replaced 4tone Goodman/Janitrol HP unit

Technician was on time. He examined both the inside and outside units. He provided helpful hints
on how to maintain each unit. Very friendly.

I had purchased a big deal for the service, and it was okay. I called them on the same day because
my AC was broken, and he offered to come out that afternoon, so I told him that I wouldn’t be around.
He was here the next morning, and he did the diagnostic, made a couple of recommendations, and we took him up on one of the recommendations. He came out again that afternoon and made the fix, which was significant work, and the AC has been running fine since. I would recommend him. I have a contract with another company, and I had called them and they gave me a quote that was astronomical, and this company came out and told me that it was not a valid quote and he would do it much more cheaper and effectively. He said that is what he put in his house. It was a fantastic service, I have no complaints.

Don contacted the insurance company and got the necessary approval to replace the unit. Most of
the cost was covered by insurance company but Don was good about explaining charges that would
need to be paid by me based upon my insurance. Pro Solutions ordered, received and installed a new

He was very nice, we looked him up to see how honest he was and it was very good. He lived up to
my expectations. He was professional and pleasant to work with. He is also an educator. He takes
pictures and goes over everything that was done or replaced.

Went great. Professional, punctual, courteous, candid and trustworthy.

Complete check of the system. Pointed out things to watch for but did not try to upsale us. Good
professional assessment.

We needed to have an HVAC inspection and service as part of our house sale. Don showed up
within a day or two, made his inspection, recommended repairs (that I thought we needed for quite a
while anyway). His price was fair, he did the work in remarkable time, and we were very happy with the work. Don answers the phone himself, is always polite, and usually sends someone over asap. With our new house, we were considering moving an AC duct to accommodate a range hood. Called Don, his brother showed up obviously after a long day, but squeezed us in somehow. He gave us a price for the job, but we ended up changing the design so didn’t need to move the duct. I told Don, and he was very professional and thanked us for our business. I would recommend Pro Solutions Air to anyone in need of service. I’ve had horror stories with other “Brothers” who only work on your system if you sign up for their service package. Neither Don nor his brother mentioned any of that, but I’m sure he offers that service. Good business sells itself

I contacted 3 companies. One responded by sending over a very slick salesman who gave us an
estimate and then immediately lowered it when we said we would be contacting others. Ruled him out
then and there. One gave us estimates based on several manufacturers which seemed to be fairly reasonable. I left a voice message for Don at Pro Solutions and he called back within a few minutes. In follow up conversation he offered very competitive prices for several manufacturers and was very responsive. We selected him based on a verbal estimate and he started the process right away for installation within 3 days. (this was fall so not an emergency). The unit was delivered and his crew showed up right on schedule. It was very pleasant working with Don. All work was done professionally and quickly. Will definitely use Pro Solutions in the future.

I had a 12 year old heat pump system that was blowing cool air in heat mode. I emailed Pro Solutions to get a diagnosis on my HVAC system. The owner Don Wade, showed up with another technician. He immediately went to work and found the problem in about 10 minutes. The refrigerant level was at zero and it meant a leak. He suggested to replace the old system versus spend money on the old R-22 refill and fixing the leak. I decided to get another opinion from another HVAC company and Pro Solutions was right on, but the other company took about an hour and a half to tell me the same thing, that there was a leak and it is recommended to replace the aging system versus spend $800-$1300 to fix and fill with R-22.

I was thinking about using a big time, “faceless” company that does installs for a major home improvement store. However, after talking to their “answering service” and being assured I would receive a call back on quotes, I never received a call, and I tried THREE TIMES!!!

So I made a decision to email Don Wade of Pro Solutions to come over to my house again and discuss quotes for a new system. He showed up as soon as I was available to see him and gave me some prices on different heat pump systems. I was happy with the price and signed a contract, the next day Pro Solutions installed my new Heat Pump system.

The new heat pump is about three times quieter and 6 times faster at heating and cooling the air.

I am very happy I dealt with a company that puts its “face” on their services. Mr. Wade seems like he takes pride in his skills and his business, so therefore, if anything went wrong he would sure as h*** find a solution and make the customer happy to not risk hurting his good name.

P.S…Pro Solutions also had the longest labor warranty of all the companies at which I investigated.

P.S.S ….As an added bonus, one of the technicians fixed the light socket in the attic free of charge.

Description of work:

They Installed a New Heat pump system, both an outside condenser and inside air handler.

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