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At first glance Pro Solutions Air appears to be an air conditioning company in Surprise, Arizona.  Well that is true, but we are far more than just a local A/C company near you.  We are in the business of keeping you and your family safe and comfortable.  With the punishing hot temperatures in Phoenix during the summer, without adequate cooling in your home, heat related illness and even heat related death is inevitable!  We have came across a few situations where we were called out to see if we could help people who already had an A/C company come out, but simply couldn’t afford the repair estimate quote.

One situation that I will never forget is when Don Wade got a call from a realtor Pro Solutions Air has a business relationship with.  Dave was the realtor.  Dave explained he went to church with this elderly, disabled veteran who just told him he had been without air conditioning for over 5 days because the system broke.  The disabled veteran did receive a diagnosis and a quote from another HVAC company, but couldn’t afford the amount that was in upwards of $2,000.00!  When Dave called Don, he was in the East Valley and was booked straight all day.  Don did tell Dave he would look into the issue by the end of the night though.  Don called the disabled veteran and explained his busy schedule, and that he was across town, but would definitely stop by, even if daylight was gone.  The disabled veteran explained to Don his home was over 90 degrees and he didn’t know if he could take much more of the heat.  Don advised he would arrange for a portable cooling unit to be placed in the living room.  Don then called me, Tyra Wade and told me the situation– he advised me to bring the portable unit over and set it up.  When I approached the doorway, I rang the doorbell, and when the door opened a wave of hot air came out.  I immediately installed the temporary cooling a/c unit and instant relief was felt. The house was so hot and humid I started to feel sick immediately.  Don was able to make it to the house at 10:00PM that night; he got on the roof with a flashlight to look at the package unit.  When Don came down, he had fixed the unit and determined that the diagnosis from the previous company was incorrect; in fact Don could tell certain things were not even checked by them.  All that was wrong with this system was a part that we charged them $300.00 for.  We even took 3 monthly payments to assist with their fixed budget.

This gentleman wrote a handwritten letter to us, thanking us and much more!  We have more stories just like this too.  At Pro Solutions Air, there is never a problem– just a solution!

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