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Is You Air Conditioner Making You SICK?

By PSAAdmin /

Summer colds… the lingering September illnesses in Arizona– but wait, how is this possible wth all this sunshine????  With every nook and cranny sealed up in the house, couple with a poorly maintained air conditioner without an air purification system… it’s inevitable unless you are that miracle person who is resistant to bacteria and virus.  The truth is, an HVAC system that isn’t maintained correctly can cause a cornucopia of health problems.

Mold, dust mites, dander, pollen and other particulates that circulate through your HVAC systems can cause allergies, frequent colds and other problems for especially weakened immune systems.

What Can You DO?

Maintaining your system through monthly air filter changes, coil cleanings and bi-annual checkups are a start.  Air purification systems installed help dramatically cut down on HVAC related illnesses.  There are several different kinds of air purification systems, some oxygenate the air, some use safe ozone and some don’t use either.  Air purification systems all work a little different, but the commonality is they are able to kill bacterias and viruses, as well as cut down on dust.

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