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How To Prepare for Summer In Phoenix, AZ

By PSAAdmin /

Summer in Phoenix, AZ is so hot that I have actually placed a cookie sheet in the backseat of my car with raw cookie dough balls on it.  Left the windows of the car rolled up, went to work my 8 hour shift, came out and had fresh Arizona baked chocolate chip cookies with no bottom crispness or burning!  These are actually the best cookies ever because they can’t burn, the cook slow and cook evenly; these are also extremely soft.  An added bonus to cookies baked in the backseat of a Chevy is that your car smells delicious!  Ok enough of that.

Tips To Prepare For Phoenix, AZ Summer

  1. First of all, make sure wherever you are staying has an air conditioner.  This may sound weird, but there still are some homes that were built in the 1970’s and before that only came equipped with an evaporative cooler a.k.a. “swamp cooler”.  If your not from Arizona and not familiar with an evaporative cooler, what it basically is, is a water cooler that blows air through a pad.  These are not beneficial is the July and August months due to the higher humidity caused by monsoon storms.  The humidity actually carries the heat, and makes for a very unpleasant environment.
  2. If you own a home, make sure your home’s air conditioner unit is serviced, the capacitor level is checked and the entire unit is gone through.  Pro Solutions Air out of Surprise, AZ is a Rosie On The House trusted partner who services many homes in Surprise, Sun City and all over the valley; Pro Solutions Air goes everywhere from Wittmann to Mesa. Clarke Air Conditioning services the Phoenix, Scottsdale and East Valley mainly.  Without proper maintenance or having you unit checked before the hot Phoenix summer, your likelihood of having your system not work on the hottest day is very high.  The reason for this, is that capacitors are similar to batteries, and have levels that go down with age. Once the capacitor level is depleted, the system will not work; this usually happens when the system has to work super hard on the first of the super hot Arizona days.  Another thing can can actually cause your entire air conditioning system to need replacing is DIRTY COILS; proper maintenance prevents dirt build up on the coils!
  3. Spray down your air conditioner outside coils.  If you have a split system (you will have an outside unit on the ground), take a hose and spray down the coils; this won’t hurt the system– it actually helps prolong the life by eliminating restricted airflow.  The more airflow is restricted, the harder you system needs to work, and will need to be replaced sooner.  Think of this as someone with high blood pressure.  Someone with high blood pressure or hypertension who manages it with diet/working out… maybe medication are able to control the effects of high blood pressure usually. Someone who lets that pressure just build up will have a higher probability of experiencing a stroke, aneurysm or worse — death.  The same goes for your air conditioner with dirty coils.
  4. Make sure you have a clean indoor air filter, and change at least once a month.  This is also an air restriction elimination technique.  The best air filters are the cheaper ones that are meant to last 30 days.  The more expensive air filters are thick, and they actually restrict air flow.
  5. Have your indoor air coils checked to see if they need cleaned.
  6. If you have leather seats in your vehicle, place a blanket or towel over the seats to eliminate nasty skin burns.
  7. You may want to consider tinting your car windows, as window tint helps to keep the car cooler.
  8. Hire a pool professional to care for your pool or spa.  The summer heat has a way of turning pools green in a minute, and best left to the professionals.  The price of the pool service more than pays for itself.  By the time you factor in the store bought chemicals, time you spend vacuuming, skimming, emptying baskets and possibly draining a green pool and refilling– after paying for an acid wash because the pool turned green… you save money.  This to me is like DYI hair blonde hair color; people can always tell if your hair was done in the salon and properly toned blonde, or if you have that yellow/red/gold look, and that is the look after you bought 4 boxes of hair bleach and two boxes of blonde hair color.  Some things are best left to the professional!
  9. Make sure you have sun block lotion by every doorway to remind you to put it on before you go out into the harmful rays.
  10. Have your home sprayed for pests ever month.  Scorpions are dormant in the winter, and thrive in the heat.  It is very common to run into quite a few scorpions in the summer.
  11. Buy a black light flashlight to shine in front of you when you go outside at night.  Scorpions glow a bright white when a black light is shined on them.  Without a blacklight, they are virtually invisible.
  12. Have your carpets and upholstery cleaned, as well as your air ducts cleaned, removing the winter dust and getting the house ready to be closed up all summer with only the air conditioner and fans being your home’s air circulation.
  13. You may even want to consider SOLAR!  Solar is a smart way to reduce your electric bill.

This list is not all inclusive, but a good start to prepare you for the summer.  Pro Solutions Air believes in doing business with local businesses whenever possible, and works with other HVAC companies from time to time as well has helping other HVAC companies.  Our company was built on solid integrity and a zeal to offer solutions.  For these reasons and more, we are not afraid of our competition; we actually befriend a lot of other HVAC companies as there is a lot of great ones! With Pro Solutions Air, the big difference with us is that we offer a 10 year FREE annual maintenance parts & labor; call for complete details.


Author: © Tyra Wade

Date: 04/13/2017

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