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When you tell people you live in Arizona, usually they picture a skeleton in 120 degree heat, with a tumble weed rolling across the painted desert.  What isn’t pictured is that we have very chilly winters, and the need for central heating in homes is very important.  Pro Solutions Air employs experts in air conditioning as well as heating.  There is a variety of different heating solutions to choose from.  Heat pumps are very effective in Arizona, furnaces and heat strips are other options as well.

Pro Solutions Air can even install or fix your pool heater. Gas, electric and propane heaters are something the folks at Pro Solution Air are very familiar with.

24/7 Emergency heating repair at no additional cost than a regular service call is what Pro Solutions Air offers.  We know that you probably were not expecting your heating system to malfunction, and don’t believe in overcharging for convenience.  We care about you and the safety of your family!  We will get you comfortable as quickly as possible.

Maintenance plans start at only $10.00 a month, and can usually catch problems that are getting ready to cause a mechanical failure BEFORE the system fails.

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